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Camp Lad is located in the National Park Skadar Lake, in a privately owned cultivated area in village Boljevići, 1km from the main village of Virpazar.

Camping Lad is a medium size camp (2000 square meters) founded and operated by Petranović family and it’s ideally positioned in a peaceful area with two large size meadows.

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Experience reliable and high-quality camping at Camp Lad. Our dedicated team ensures your comfort and satisfaction throughout your stay.

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Discover the National Park Skadar Lake with the guidance of our knowledgeable local experts. Uncover hidden gems and local wonders.

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Get excellent value for your money at Camp Lad. Affordable prices, well-maintained facilities, and fresh produce from our garden await you.

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Experience eco-friendly camping at Camp Lad. Our handmade facilities, sustainable practices, and organic garden showcase our commitment to the environment.

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Considered the main gateway to Lake Skadar National Park, the tiny village of Virpazar was once an important trading port.

Look for the imposing fortress built by Turkish invaders on the hill towering over the town. Modern-day Virpazar is a great place to sample Montenegrin wine, with several vineyards and tasting rooms around the town.

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